Welcome to my website, which is devoted to my life passion - textiles from different epochs, cultures as well as methods of conserving them.

I started to learn about textiles at Fine Art High School in Supraśl. I learn what a loom looks like as well as the skill of weaving . Study at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw changed my interest into real passion. During one year fellowship in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I studied textiles that were created during the last two thousands years, ranging in location from South America to Japan.

I invite all textile admirers, collectors and others to explore my website.

This website, created by my husband, will be constantly updated and we both will be grateful for all comments.

I invite to look round of examples of my conservation works and not only. It is possible to see here textiles, which I saved from destruction, tapestries woven by me, as also pictures and icons which I painted. Photos on the end I took during my trips.


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stical garments

icons & copies of paintings

painting & drawing